March 23rd, 2010

Thanks to my 16-hole, Satan resistant apocalypse boots and my Gore-tex jacket I am only relatively skin-soaked today, despite the deluge. It’s just typical that we get this piss blast immediately after I’ve done my spring bike cleaning, isn’t it? Luckily (for Kranky), the first epic rainstorm of this month had already washed all the sand and grossness out into the dying ocean, and I have been able to make my way around town almost entirely splatter-free. I’m so glad I opted for fenders and a rack, rather than a sleek and speedy silhouette. I’m never daunted in my tasks, no matter the weather or the cargo… though I DO need to pick up a bunch of TP, asap, and I like to buy that in BULK. Unwieldy to say the least. I should probably wait for a sunny day, lest I end up with a cargo load of paper maché.

I’m still waiting for a response from the MBTA on the continued bad behavior, but I’m not going to hold my breath. If the BPD doesn’t care about the laws broken by the MBTA, and the general populace would prefer speed over safety, then what is one person going to be able to accomplish? I’m thinking, not so much. I hate to say it, but I really do believe that the MBTA will continue to remain unaccountable for it’s operator’s behavior until someone is struck and killed by a bus, specifically while on a bike. And god willing there are witnesses, because I highly doubt the driver would notice – they apparently didn’t notice when they struck me on two separate occasions. It’s a dark topic, but one that I must address before the fact; I truly hope I never find myself in the position to say, “I told  you so.”.

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4 Responses to “Waterlogged”

  1. Aaaron Pik Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this with regard to drivers (I was recently tapped, deliberately, by a driver near Harvard Square) and thought it would be GREAT if I’d been wearing a helmet camera for all those times someone did something stupid.

    I believe at least one BostonBiker.org blogger has a helmet cam, so maybe there’s an inexpensive way we could record the nonsense. We publish it to the web as evidence of the insanity and drive public opinion/policy. If we catch the MBTA doing crazy stuff, we have public evidence (I realize they have their own cameras)

  2. Plug-in Hybrid Cars vs Hybrid Cars Says:

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  3. grimlocke Says:

    The Shredded Schrader and I have been thinking about that at length, as well. Ill ask around about sensible options for this, and if I find anything I’ll post it. One thing I am curious to find out is if we can use filmed evidence against a driver after the fact.

  4. Danimal Says:

    I hear my ears ringing!

    Footage would show that we’re not just talking crap and blowing a few unrelated incidents out of proportion. If we can develop an archive of evidence and reports, brushing us off is a bit harder of a chore.

    We need to up our vocality. I have all sorts of ideas in this regard that I will discuss with you in private later.

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