Maybe it’s time to give up.

December 6th, 2012

Another cyclist was killed today. A tractor trailer turned in front of him on Comm. Ave. and he didn’t have time to stop. He died at the scene.

From the reports I’m reading and the general feeling of the community, it looks like it’s going to be another no-fault or cyclist-fault death. I really can’t remember the last time a motorist was publicly charged with any kind of crime in regards to a cyclist’s death around here.

I’m so, so angry, but more than that I’m scared shitless. After what happened to me the other day, I realize that I could be dead right now and nobody would have been charged with my death. Had I not jumped the curb away from my attacker’s black SUV, I might have been lying dead in the gutter until discovered by the joggers that passed by about five minutes later.  The police hadn’t made a report, so no-one would connect my  death with the altercation that happened only minutes before. And my killer would go free, just like the killers of all these other cyclists in the news of late.

I’m gravely considering giving up my bike, and buying a T pass. My commute would go from 30 minutes to 60-120 minutes one way. I would spend about $600 a year on T passes. But I would be alive. I wouldn’t have to wonder every day if I’d be alive at the end of the day. My boyfriend wouldn’t have to say, ‘PLEASE, please be careful.’ and email me to make sure I made it.

With what’ s been happening lately, it just might not be worth it to ride any more.




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3 Responses to “Maybe it’s time to give up.”

  1. mtalinm Says:

    I felt the same way today. I actually haven’t ridden to work much recently given an injury, and now I am thinking of packing it in. my wife is generally terrified that I do thsi

  2. Grimlocke Von Hecht Says:

    🙁 Why can’t Americans be more like the Dutch. I’m really starting to hate this country.

  3. michaelk42 Says:

    Post-stroke, I’m not riding anywhere that’s any kind of long daily distance. But here the only other option is a car – even the nearest bus stop is 2+ miles away… not that it matters, since the bus here doesn’t seem to go anywhere where there’s actually a job.

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