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February 20th, 2013

I emailed the Bicycle Transportation contact for Boston, Cambridge and Somerville about our choked bike lanes. Somerville got back to me, but only to tell me to send a request to 311. So I have, about a few streets. It seems that Cambridge only has a ‘request a sidewalk shoveled’ page here.  Please sign in and add your street or your entire route.

I have yet to find a form for the Boston environs, but you can always email Nicole.Freedman.bra@cityofboston.gov, who represents the interests of the cycling community.


Keep fighting the good fight, kids.


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5 Responses to “Speak Up”

  1. emannths Says:

    Good luck. I’ve submitted numerous requests asking that the park-within-12″-of-the-curb (curb, not edge of the snow) rule be enforced. All my tickets get marked as “no violations found” and nothing happens.

    Cambridge could ticket just about every car parked on Cambridge St if they cared.

  2. Grimlocke Von Hecht Says:

    Contact cseiderman@cambridgema.gov and forward ALL of your shut down tickets. Forward them to me as well and I’ll do the same and write her a lengthy email. Don’t give up! I wonder where her office is…

  3. emannths Says:

    They were Somerville tickets… 🙁

  4. Grimlocke Von Hecht Says:

    It’s going to snow again this weekend. I urge you to put in tickets for your WHOLE ROUTE as soon as the snow is on the ground!

  5. emannths Says:

    Don’t worry–the email blasts are getting broader.

    I really love the ones marked “no violations found.” They should at least tell the truth: “too lazy to write that many tickets” or “we’re not going to enforce that law.”

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