Who am I?

March 25th, 2010

Every day I ride south through Harvard Square, and every day like clockwork I have to kick one of the local Taxis out of the bike lane. The corner one must round as you enter Harvard Square from the north is a blind one, due to the subway entrance abutting the curb, which makes it impossible to see beforehand if your way will be blocked by an idling Taxi – this forces cyclists to make a split-second correction and swerve into the street. Large trucks routinely make their way through Harvard Square’s narrow streets, already threatening to infringe upon the bike lane.

When I round that corner and find a cab in the bike lane, I stop and knock on the window, letting the driver know that I will contact the Cambridge Police and have him ticketed if he doesn’t move out of the bike lane. Invariably, they react with incredulity and demand to know who I am. I let them know that I am only a concerned citizen that is having my safety threatened by their practice of parking in the bike lane. I restrain myself, with considerable difficulty, from telling them,

“I’m your worst nightmare.”

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  1. mtalinm Says:

    keep it up. I typically don’t stop to chastise those who park in the bike lane but should. many folks just don’t know

  2. Danimal Says:



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