You would think it’d be easy…

August 25th, 2009

I need a new bike. I have a nice big chunk of change earmarked for this new bike. I know exactly what I want to be riding, from stem to stern, as it were. You’d think it’d be easy to walk into a shop and/or a custom build boutique and say “here, have my moneys and give me this not so complex item” but noooo. It seems that all the shops are too busy (or too cool) to need my cash, and the designers are all so backed up that there’s no way I’d be getting anything concrete until the middle of next summer. What’s a girl to do? I want a bike, and I want it NOW(ish)! I know that if I don’t get someone to help soon, I’m going to just break down and get a pre-assembled POS to ride for another year, and I won’t be satisfied. Grr.

In other news, it seems that they have decal’d and signed the bike lane on N. Harvard, which is awesome. Not so awesome is the fact that it seems tickets are no deterrent to the people who really want to park there. I wonder how much they are ticketing for. I think this afternoon I’ll stop and take a peek at the total price of being a douchebag. At the same time I may leave a ticket of my own. Here’s a peek:

My phone cam is crappy, but on the back of the fake ticket you can check boxes on such violations as:

  • Parking like a Jackass
  • Taking up 2 Spaces (Jerk)
  • Being Illiterate (it says ‘RESERVED’)
  • Ugly Driver Violation

And much much more! You can get these fakey tickets at

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6 Responses to “You would think it’d be easy…”

  1. BU Bikes ยป Bike Lane Enforcement On North Harvard Ave. Says:

    […] who has not only been ranting about the bike lanes all summer, but yesterday actually mentioned wanting to leave fake tickets herself. The tickets she bought online match what I saw last night. Though at $4.99 per fake ticket, […]

  2. 100psi Says:

    if you have time to scan both sides and email, i will gladly fakey joke ticket on beacon st. taking the law in our hands could be fun…or dangerous. or both.

  3. Boston Biker Says:

    total win…love it. Even better that the city is slapping real tickets next to the fake ones!

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. grimlocke Says:

    That’s a great idea – I think I have some unused ones at home. I’ll scan them tonight. \m/

  5. danpugatch Says:

    I think these are hilarious. I didn’t know you had a blog! We gotta be blogger friends for realz all el333t and what not!

  6. grimlocke Says:

    OMG totes! Blog buddies!

    (psst, mine isn’t really that much of a blog. It’s more of a rant and a place to scheme up dastardly bike deeds)

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