Same shit, different Monday.

May 10th, 2010

A 64 bus ran the red light right in front of me as I was trying to take off on Harvard Street and Cambridge today, emulating to the very micron the scenario that sparked my crusade against the MBTA. Nothing has changed at all. I am very depressed by this. It is time to get uncivil.

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5 Responses to “Same shit, different Monday.”

  1. cyclostat Says:

    Where do you think they keep the MBTA buses at night?

  2. michaelk42 Says:

    Stickers and tagging?

  3. grimlocke Says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure. I’m not so much interested in mounting an offensive attack on the MBTA, rather I am considering amping up my reactions to the offenses they commit against my own person. The BPD doesn’t give a crap if I’m hit by a bus unless I am injured or killed.. but what if I injure a bus in the process of trying to avoid being hit?

  4. geekybikedad Says:

    I realize this post is a few weeks old now, but anyway, when you see an MBTA bus do something boneheaded and/or illegal: Call MBTA Customer Support (617) 222-3200 & report the driver — try to get the Bus # (not the License Plate, but the usually 4 digit number on the back of the bus), and the time & approximate location of the offense.

    Supposedly they will investigate and possibly discipline the driver. Even written warnings in the driver’s file can have an impact in terms of promotions, etc. If enough people report this crap, MBTA drivers will start to think twice before running lights & cutting people (esp bikes) off.

  5. grimlocke Says:

    you… don’t read this blog all that much, do you? I don’t blame you, it’s pretty repetitive. I have ultimately been reporting drivers in this fashion, and with the online form, for over a year. Not only have I not seen any improvement in driver performance, I’ve watched things steadily get worse. Also, having that number is great, but the last three times I called I was put on hold at about 4:45, and was kept on hold until the offices went offline for the night. The MBTA is totally unaccountable. I’ve had enough of going through these channels, because they do not work.

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