No News is Bad News

March 19th, 2010

After my interview with WBZ News and correspondence with John Houghton of the MBTA, I decided to lay low for a while and observe the outcome of this activity. It is with profound disappointment that I report absolutely no change in the illegal driving activity of the MBTA buses. In the last three weeks I have observed and reported numerous buses running red lights, buses offloading passengers in the middle of the street rather than a designated bus stop, and I have once again been hit by an MBTA bus that did not stop.

It has become apparent that nothing is changing, and that accountability is a thing of myth and legend when it comes to the MBTA.

What am I to do next?

I attempted to follow up on the reports I have made to the MBTA by calling and requesting information; citing the ‘pin number’ that was assigned to my complaint. What I received was a lecture about procedure, “your complaint is taken by the MBTA communications office and sent to the Administration/Garage, where it is reviewed and it is possible that the driver was held accountable”. That’s great, but that  doesn’t tell me anything about MY personal case. How can I hold the MBTA accountable, and specifically the DRIVER WHO HIT ME WITH A BUS, if the MBTA refuses to release information? I am still awaiting a call back from the supervisor of the complaint line; I requested the driver’s ID number, which they are legally bound to give you if you request it. We’ll see if they call back.

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2 Responses to “No News is Bad News”

  1. Boston Biker Says:

    I wanted to let you know that your complaint and tv appearance has set in motion some work behind the scenes, MassBike is doing a safety training with some drivers in Cambridge, and the MBTA is assembling safety stuff to give to its drivers (in Cambridge at least) so don’t give up too soon. Things are changing, they just change slowly.

  2. lyzard Says:

    Check out this video from the Chicago Transit Authority
    cyclists and buses “share the road” video

    Maybe the MBTA can partner with Massbikes advocates and we can all learn something by making a video like this one.

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