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February 11th, 2010

Dear [Grimlocke],

On behalf of Governor Deval L. Patrick, thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. We have forwarded your letter to Massachusetts Department of Transportation  for further review. If necessary, please be assured you will receive a response as quickly as possible. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly.

Again, thank you for contacting Governor Patrick’s office and please feel free to contact our office in the future with any questions or concerns you may have regarding other matters.


Governor Patrick’s Constituent Services Office


I’m happy that I’m getting word of some action, if not seeing first hand. I also haven’t seen any dangerous behavior for.. wow about a week. I’m not on the streets as much as I am in the warmer months, but I still cover at least 14-20 miles of the worst roads in the area, every day. Today I have the pleasure of taking Cambridge up to the River Street bridge, up River and along Prospect – possibly one of the crappiest rides in the city. We’ll see what I spy along this route, aside from debris – strewn and potholed shoulder, gridlocked cars and jaywalking peds.

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3 Responses to “More Correspondence”

  1. Roller Chain Says:

    Okay… going down Cambridge Street to cross Quinobequin onto River Street is hard to avoid, but from there you can make some changes.

    Of course other routes won’t be as fast and direct, and there may not be as much room for cars to and trucks to pass, but there will be fewer encountered on the side streets. Trade-off’s a bitch.

    Of course if the roadway surface wasn’t as hellish on that entire stretch, it would be easier to keep up with traffic speeds and occupy the lane more frequently.

    Those gas stations at River and Mem. Drive have Svengali-like powers of attraction to some motorists, and they become unaware of anything between them and the source of their unholy power; the fuel pump and nozzle.

    Look out for these zombie drivers, they will not stop for your sake.

  2. Danimal Says:

    Holy fuck, woot!

  3. Danimal Says:

    Woot? Uh, I mean.. Solidarity, bitches!

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