Terrified of the MBTA – Fourth Bus in Four Days Witnessed Running Red Light

February 3rd, 2010

Yesterday, not three hours after I’d received my response from Route 66 director John J. Houghton regarding the bus that nearly hit me on Monday, I was again waiting at a red light on Harvard Avenue to cross Cambridge Street. As the light for Cambridge Street became yellow I put my foot on my pedal, and made ready to move. As  I watched the light turn red, my body exhibiting the intent to scoot out into the intersection at a moment’s notice, I became aware of a growing roar from my left, west on Cambridge Street. And then a sharp honk. Route 66 Bus #2294 (or 2293, it was going over 30 MPH so it was difficult to catch the number) not only roared through the intersection against a red light, but gave me warning that it had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF SLOWING OR STOPPING.

I realized after this that the MBTA deserves not just our disdain and our everlasting disappointment, but also our FEAR. The drivers of these buses are blatantly neglecting the safety of the citizens of the Boston area, and breaking the trust that we put in them to hold our lives in their hands every day, whether we are their passengers or merely sharing the roads with them.  I am disgusted by this neglectful behavior, having witnessed it daily for over a year on my route to work; having been hit by an MBTA bus while on my bicycle and then told by the driver that she was in no way required to provide me her information; having watched the green line proceed through intersections against car traffic that obviously had a green signal; having watched buses stop in the middle of the lane the entire length of their route to meet passengers, even though it is policy that they pull into each stop completely so traffic can get by.

I call for the bus driver who ran that red light yesterday at 5:10PM on Route 66, number 2294 or 2293, to be removed from service completely. To run a red light at speeds of 30 MPH and give warning shows premeditated disregard for traffic law, and a comfort with such acts that cannot be tolerated.

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3 Responses to “Terrified of the MBTA – Fourth Bus in Four Days Witnessed Running Red Light”

  1. h4ckw0r7h Says:

    Last summer I recorded an MBTA bus running a red. It’s up on Youtube.
    Have you thought about rigging up a camera? Not that it should be necessary, but it would clearly illustrate and document the scenario from a cyclist’s perspective.

  2. grimlocke Says:

    I do intend, if my letters to the head of Route 66, the Governor, and my constant reports to the MBTA remain unfruitful, to spend at least half a work day at that intersection recording the traffic activity. Local news channels love to pick up ‘human interest’ stories that come with lots of free video and showcase something that everyone loves to hate, like the MBTA.

  3. The Shredded Schrader » How to report dangerous MBTA drivers Says:

    […] not all MBTA drivers make a game of running red lights, even a single driver poses a risk to our lives and is something worth speaking up […]

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